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Is There a Difference Between Golf Balls?

Golf Balls and Range Bucket Banner - WebsiteFor confused amateurs trying to educate themselves on the basics of the game, golf is an enjoyable pastime that requires an awful lot of patience and effort in attempting to learn the ropes. Most importantly, new players want to improve their skills, as well as learning the differences between the clubs they use, perfecting their golf swing, improving their chipping technique, discovering how balls roll in a diverse range of conditions and trying to effortlessly sink the perfect putt time after time. Golfers want to progress and develop, which takes an immense amount of time practicing, plus a lot of time spent retaining the information they have been taught.

When you start learning how to putt, a vast amount of questions are raised about the types of ball you use. Will using a heavier ball make putting easier or not? Does a particular brand manufacture higher quality balls than others? Does the color of the ball indicate a difference in its performance? Does the price of a ball denote a better level of experience? Will I ever find the ball of my dreams?

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