Is There a Difference Between Golf Balls?

Golf Balls and Range Bucket Banner - WebsiteFor confused amateurs trying to educate themselves on the basics of the game, golf is an enjoyable pastime that requires an awful lot of patience and effort in attempting to learn the ropes. Most importantly, new players want to improve their skills, as well as learning the differences between the clubs they use, perfecting their golf swing, improving their chipping technique, discovering how balls roll in a diverse range of conditions and trying to effortlessly sink the perfect putt time after time. Golfers want to progress and develop, which takes an immense amount of time practicing, plus a lot of time spent retaining the information they have been taught.

When you start learning how to putt, a vast amount of questions are raised about the types of ball you use. Will using a heavier ball make putting easier or not? Does a particular brand manufacture higher quality balls than others? Does the color of the ball indicate a difference in its performance? Does the price of a ball denote a better level of experience? Will I ever find the ball of my dreams?

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Golf Practice Mats Help You Get in the Swing!

The 21st century has been especially fruitful and revolutionary for the golf industry. Over several hundred of golf training aid companies are marketing products that can help improve the game of an average golfer who can’t afford expensive lessons from golf coaches, yet desires to improve his/her game. From golf practice mats to a golf swing analyzer and simulator to dual hinge driver, this training aids are the next best option for amateur golfers to improve their game and better their handicap.images

The game of golf is a multi-faceted game. It includes many things such as driving, chipping, putting, iron shots, and much more. Therefore, before you decide to invest in golf training aids such as golf practice mat, you must be armed with the knowledge of what is spoiling your game. Whether it’s your swing, your driving, or your iron play, you must look at the type of golf practice mats that can help you in improving your game.

Golf training aids are perfect for help for golf players to improve their game. Available for each aspect of the game, golf training aids like a golf practice mat is an excellent way to work on your game whether you practice indoors, in a training facility, or in your own backyard. Besides this, golf practice mat helps with the swing, putting, aim, and grip. There are other different types of golf training aids such as golf training tents that offer different levels of usefulness. In order to understand why golf training aids are important for your game, you need to understand how they can help you improve your game.

If you are serious about your golf game, then you must be dying to improve the various aspects of your game as well. Every pro golfer, like Tiger Woods, spends numerous hours on practice and works to better his/her game using the coach’s assistance and the best technology at hand. While, you may not be Tiger Woods, but you can still work to improve your game by using golf practice mat and other training aids.

The past few years have witnessed an explosion of golf practice mats made from various materials such as Fiber, that help you prepare better for a game technically. Of course, we all know that the legendary Bobby Jones once said that, “golf is a game that is played between the ears,” and there are plenty of golf training aids that have cropped up to aid you there. Other golf training aids besides golf practice mats include books, videos, DVDs, or audio devices that you can plug into while practicing on the range. There are also many mental golf training aids on the market that make you a mentally strong player.

Like the wise say, practice makes perfect, golf is a game that requires practice to make permanent…permanent improvement, permanent stroke play, permanent long drives, swings, putting and pretty much everything else. A good golf training aid such as a good quality golf practice mat can be the difference between success and failure at your game. A good regimen of training coupled with the right golf gear and soft and known golf practice mat will help you make solid gains in the quality of your golf game, right from putting to long drives.

Remember if you are trying to better the various aspects of your game, mental or physical, then golf practice mats can help you achieve success as you swing better and drive longer!

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Synthetic Turf in the Golf Industry

ArtificialTurf-home-imageLong since synthetic turf has been available on the open market, the golf industry has never really opened up to the idea of using synthetic turf on their golf courses. Usually, synthetic turf will be found to be used on golf ranges and putting greens and in some rare cases, short game practice areas. Now with rising maintenance costs and water expenses, golf courses and their superintendents are now having to reconsider the idea of using synthetic turf on the actual golf course itself and not just on practice facilities.

Drawbacks to using Synthetic Turf

Heat: The materials being used to make synthetic grass make it too to play on during the summer. For example, on a 90 F degree day, the temperature could rise up to 150 degrees F. Because of that, using synthetic grass on a golf course in a very hot region would be irrational.

Bacteria & Toxins: When covered in rain, the synthetic grass doesn’t allow for proper drainage meaning blood, animal feces, sweat, and skin cells can remain on the synthetic turf because of the lack of proper drainage. When proper drainage does not happen, bacteria will start forming on the surface which will then be detrimental for the environment.

Lack of Realistic Feel: Although synthetic grass may look like real grass when an iron shot is taken on these synthetic turf surfaces the shot feedback is less than stellar. Natural grass is soft which then allows a golfer to take a divot, but because the synthetic grass solution is meant for the blades to stay in place, hitting shots on these surfaces can sometimes be painful.

High Costs: Synthetic grass is not a cheap solution to have, as they cost a lot of money to manufacture and that’s not even including installation expenses. Although going synthetic does in theory reduce the amount of time to manage the turf compared to natural grass, it still does require some repairing to do and to have products reinstalled will cost more money.

Once Synthetic, Forever Synthetic: Once the switch to synthetic grass has been made, it kills all living organisms in the soil making it almost impossible to grow grass for a very long time.

These are the reasons why the switch to synthetic grass is harder than it sounds. The only way that it could be beneficial for golf courses is if there was a product that combined the use of both synthetic grass and natural grass that will be more affordable, have better drainage, and will not be environmentally hazardous. This is where Coverlawn comes in.

Coverlawn is a synthetic grass solution that is very similar to traditional synthetic turf but also different at the same time. Coverlawns unique backing allows for the natural grass to grow up from the soil and also allows for proper drainage.

Synthetic turf is inexpensive, easy to maintain, eco-friendly and boasts the look and feeling of the real thing. specializes in the expert installation of artificial grass for landscaping, play areas, pet runs and golf putting greens.